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secrets of freemasonry

The secrets of freemasonry are the various ways that freemasoms demonstrate their membership during Lodge meetings. Freemasons agree to keep these secret, in the same way that you may have agreed to keep your PIN number or password secret.

During Lodge meetings free and accepted masons use the tools of masons to explain the ideas of freemasonry. For example, the chisel demonstrates the value of education. The chisel is used to shape the stone for its position in the building. Education prepares people for a useful life as members of society.

Just as people of different religious or political beliefs use the same principles of geometry, there are principles of living on which all people of goodwill agree. These principles are an open secret because they are clearly illustrated in nature for anyone to discover. Many of these principles can been seen operating in the great civilisations of the past.

to be continued . . .



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second degree

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