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antient free and accepted masons

recent discussion of freemasonry by various churches

What beggars my imagination is the way in which anyone, for whatever sort of malicious or neurotic reason, who writes anything denouncing freemasonry is assumed to be telling the truth. They are not. The Church should be different. I am ashamed when fellow christians are so gullible and so uncharitable, and that is putting it charitably.
Canon R Lewis, Church of England

Because of the high moral and humanitarian ideals of freemasonry a many faceted relationship with the Church is an informal and unofficial actuality. Freemasonry is not a religion.
Rev Dr David A Williams, Presbyterian

There are many loyal and sincere Methodists who are freemasons, whose commitment to Christ is unquestionable and who see no incompatibility in their membership of the Methodist Church and of freemasonry
Methodist Church in England 1986

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